Saturday, March 22, 2008

Best English Speakers Battle

MANILA, PH- Two of the best english speakers in the Philippines battle for the bragging rights as the "best third world conversationalist in English"

The Department of Education wants to know who the people are rooting for,as the titlist will represent the Philippines in the international essay writing contest. The votes will be tallied via text votes. Just watch the videos and decide.

On the left corner, Janina San Miguel

Famous lines:
>Well, my family’s role for me is so important. Because der was d… deyr… dey was the one… who’s very… haha… Oh, I’m so sorry. Uhm My pamily… my family, oh my god.
>Sorry guys… because this was really my first pageant ever. Because I’m only 17-years old!
>I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of TAF Ten

On the right corner, Stoned Cold

Drugged Lines:
>oh come on!ahahaha
>side by side?
>36 degrees and rrooooooorrrrrrming
>how many degrees in all three angles... 360!
>you're brooming? brooooommmmmmmm!!!
>"did u use drugs?" - yeah i bought it in Mercury Drugs!(a famous drug store in the Philippines)

Surveys, polls and interviews reveal that Stoned Cold edges Janina because, from some of the people interviewed, "Stone Cold can do math equations". Now that's a plus.


boyong said...

hahahaha! so hillarious! nice work!

GreenPinas said...

lol! This is funny!

hezron said...

How many degrees is the 3sides? 36 Degrees...LOL!

Anonymous said...

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hehe.. Legend to!

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